Please send your manuscript submissions printed single-sided on plain white paper in a 12-point font, either Times New Roman or Courier. Your manuscript should be double-spaced, left-justified only, with pages numbered consecutively. Please include a title page and pertinent front matter. Examples: a table of contents for a nonfiction project; a map of your fantasy kingdom.

I ask that all new clients accompany their submission with a check in the proper amount, made out to Carol Gaskin, to hold your place on the schedule. I will not cash your check until I am ready to start work on your project, however, and I will call or e-mail you a few days before I’m about to begin.

If your manuscript is not quite ready but you would like me to schedule you immediately, I ask that you send a deposit of one-half the agreed-upon fee to hold your place in line. The balance is due when you send the manuscript.




Availability & Submissions Turnaround Time

I work on manuscripts in the order I receive them. I usually have several manuscripts waiting, and naturally my schedule varies as new projects arrive. I will give you a more accurate scheduling estimate at the time you are ready to submit.

Once I begin work, the turnaround time for a full edit/critique of a full-length manuscript (70,000 words or more) is generally about ten days. If you are trying to meet an urgent deadline, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.