Client Testimonials

“People often ask me how to get a book published. I tell them first, you have to write it, and second, send it to a great editor before you submit it to an agent or publisher. The cleaner the manuscript, the better the chance of a sale. Fortunately, I found that editor in Carol Gaskin. She has the ability to turn my messy prose into something that flows. She adds the commas where I forget, eliminates the repetitions, cuts, pastes, and generally makes the manuscript eminently more readable. When I see her edited version I am always ecstatic with the result. I don’t submit a paragraph without sending it first to Carol.”
— Susan Kelley, author, Ciao Pussy! A Memoir of Florence; The Second Time Around; Why Men Stray, Why Men Stay; Why Men Commit; teleplays for The Thorns, Kate and Allie

“Carol Gaskin has a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest editorial talents anywhere. Sharp, savvy, and empathetic, she invariably finds the best in a writer and a writer’s work.”
— Maggie Davis, aka Katherine Deauxville, author, Out of the Blue, Wild Midnight, Satin Doll, The Far Side of Home, Eagles, Diamonds & Pearls, Blood Red Roses, The Amethyst Crown, Masquerade, Strangers in the Night, Enraptured, many more.

“Carol Gaskin is one of the most talented editors I’ve ever known. Her skill and expertise helped me immensely as I struggled to become a published author.”
— Jill Jones, author, Every Move You Make, Remember Your Lies, Emily’s Secret, The Scottish Rose, My Lady Caroline, Essence of My Desire, Circle of the Lily, What Should We Do About Mom? and many others.

“I am eager to recommend Carol Gaskin as an editor. Her skill, in addition to being professional and precise, is what I believe is called “empowering.” She will not only assist and suggest with insight, but also encourage. Working with Carol is beneficial in every respect.”
— Eleanor Boylan, author, Pushing Murder, Working Murder, Murder Observed, Murder MacHree, Murder Crossed (others in the Clara Gamadge series); The Christmas Ghost (YA); How to be a Puppeteer

“In today’s intensely competitive market, you don’t stand a chance of publication unless your submission is absolutely, positively perfect. With this in mind, you won’t find a finer editor/book doctor than Carol Gaskin. I couldn’t be more pleased with Carol’s editing and sage advice concerning my recently completed novel, Horace Bixby.”
— R. F. Seabury, author, Horace Bixby (Florida Literary Foundation)

Many more…